Graduates of 2018, congratulations!

We congratulate 46 LanguageOne students who have passed one of the Dutch language exams. What an achievement! Students in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Muscat, Doha and Shanghai have successfully completed the Dutch language and culture classes in the 2017-2018 school year at LanguageOne.

LanguageOne teachers assist Dutch-speaking children who grow up outside of the Netherlands or Flanders in preparing for the following exams: IB Dutch A Literature SSST, IB Dutch B SL / HL, CNaVT, IGCSE and ATAR*. Each diploma serves as a recognition that the student masters the Dutch language at a level that is required at a college or university in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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*International Baccalaureate Dutch A Literature School Supported Self Taught
International Baccalaureate Dutch B Standard Level/Higher Level
Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal
Australian Tertiary Admission Rank

Leuk dat je er bent!
De inschrijvingen voor komend schooljaar zijn geopend.

Wereldwijd thuis in het Nederlands